Supporting Your Homeschool Journey

Understanding the challenges you face juggling work, family, and homeschooling, At Home Middle School is dedicated to providing a free, comprehensive curriculum to support your child's educational journey.

We've curated the best free online lessons from trusted sources like TedEd, CK-12, and Khan Academy, covering all core subjects.

Organized Daily Schedules
Eliminate the planning stress with our structured daily lessons. Each day's activities are clearly outlined, saving you valuable time.

Flexible Learning Approach
Each lesson is designed to be completed within 30-60 minutes, allowing you to adapt the schedule to your child's individual needs and interests.

Empowerment Through Learning
By providing a well-structured curriculum, we allow you to focus on what matters most – fostering your child's love of learning.

Free and Accessible
We firmly believe in making education accessible to all. At Home Middle School is entirely free to use, with no ads, registration or hidden costs.

Your Child's Privacy Matters
We prioritize the privacy of your child's information. We do not collect or track any personal data. However, clearing cookies will erase saved work. We recommend exploring alternative saving options like copying and pasting work into a document to preserve progress.

Developed by a Homeschooling Mom
At Home Middle School was created by Melissa Caldwell, a web developer, homeschooling mother, and former professor. Recognizing the challenges faced by parents, she designed this resource to make your homeschooling journey easier and more rewarding.

Contact us if you have any suggestions for improvements, questions, or concerns at [email protected].